Traditional & Unique Japanese Souvenirs to Bring Home On Your Next Trip

Traveling to Japan is an exciting and meaningful trip. To make it even more memorable, it’s fun to collect souvenirs from every place you visit.

Many mementos found in Japan are not available in other countries, so they’re the best gifts to bring home. Some of these souvenirs are inexpensive and don’t take up much room or weight in your suitcase, and make great gifts for anyone.

Here’s a list of the top souvenirs to collect from Japan. Some of the gifts included are food items, traditional handmade crafts, practical items for everyday use, and just plain fun stuff!

Yojiya – Oil-blotting papers to gently remove any excess oil from your skin.

Jusan-Ya – High-quality traditional combs have been handmade from boxwood since the Nara period. The combs were believed to have spiritual energy, but nowadays they’re used as cosmetic tools.

Matcha snacks – Kit Kat, Pocky

Select the most convenient traveling agency

Almost all the people will love to go on an excursion with their friends and family members by traveling in a comfortable manner. Many people are considered to move for a vacation to relax them after a heavy day of work and tension. You can enjoy more by traveling in the bus with your friends by watching a movie and hearing songs that are provided on the bus. There is plenty of traveling agency that provides different buses with many attractive facilities. Most of the people will have a trip to enjoy their vacation and some people will travel due to certain work related to their job. Whatever the need will be but all the people will look for a safety and a convenient manner. Even, this is best transport mode to enjoy the natural sceneries by watching while traveling from the bus. Search through the internet and gather all the essential detail regarding the facilities offered by the traveling agency. This completely saves the time and energy that helps the people book their tickets easily within a short period of time rather than choosing the traditional way of ticket booking system. Choose the best traveling system and


If you are the type of traveler who frequently travel from penang to langkawi either it may be a business trip or it may be a pleasure trip, please do consider that how many have travelled by ferry. I am sure that hardly very few times and sometimes it may be none. One of the reasons for the low travel by ferry is also time constraint. Most of the people are very busy or sometimes pre occupied with whatever free time we usually have. Most of us just one time hop into the plane and arrive at the destination or may take the land route instead of travelling through ferry, but for residents of penang, most of us are bound to encounter with ferries.

Traveling by ferry can be both enjoyable and also very economical. One may get a chance to see the panoramic beauty of the ocean and enjoy the freshness of the air by ferry ticket from penang to langkawi. There are many cross channel ferries that are offering their valuable service.

Shortest Penang-langkawi route:

To get into the mainland of langkawi from Penang, the shortest route you may prefer the ferry

Popular Vacation Spots in Japan

The East Asian archipelago of Japan, the “Land of the Rising Sun”, lies in the Pacific Ocean. The country remained isolated from the world up to the second half of the nineteenth century, and developed its own unique culture and way of life. As the country opened its boundaries for the rest of the world, it came under a lot of new influences, which it absorbed unhesitatingly. Today, the country’s culture is a beautiful blend of its own indigenous traditions, combined with the elements from other cultures. This quintessentially Oriental land of ancient gods and customs is also a pioneer of liberalism and modernity. Japanese people savor hamburgers as much as they enjoy sushi, and this is what has made the country one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists from around the globe flock to this exotic archipelago, comprising some 6,853 volcanic islands. The temples, shopping districts, palaces and castles, beaches, theme parks, and museums have all been promoted as tourist attractions, and also attract a substantial number of visitors.

Famous Japanese Vacation Spots

Japan has a large number of tourist destinations, including as many as 16 World Heritage Sites,

Travel Tips in Japan

No other country does a mixture of modern technology and antiquity quite the same way as Japan. In one train ride, a trip to Japan can go from chrome skyscrapers and neon lights, Harajuku fashion, and realistic robots to hot spring onsen, Shinto shrines, and tiny hamlets surrounded in rural beauty of mountains, lakes, and rivers. While both worthwhile, a trip to the big city will be vastly different than one to the inaka(countryside) and will require vastly different planning, so plan accordingly.


What to see and where to go will depend heavily on the area of Japan you choose to visit; as previously mentioned, travel can be very expensive and the rural and urban environments can be quite different.

Hokkaido— The north most region of Japan, Hokkaido and its capital city of Sapporo are excellent destinations for those who love outdoor activities, especially skiing and other snowsports in the winter. From skiing resorts like Tomamu to national parks like Lake Toya, home to active volcano Mt. Usu, Hokkaido offers many camping, hiking, and hot spring opportunities.

Tohoku— If the idea of Japan brings to mind images of samurai clashing amidst showers of cherry blossoms, this is the region for you.

Tips For Travelling With Family

As your kids leave their tweens and enter their teens, travelling together may require a different approach in order for the entire family to stay sane while travelling.

Our personal travel managers have put together a list of helpful tips to ensure your teenagers are as excited about your next holiday as you are.

  • Involve them in the planning process

Although some teenagers may respond with the iconic “whatever”, it’s important to give them the reins in some way. Discuss the destination with them or have them choose the activities for a day. This not only teaches teenagers about compromise, but also the more involved they are, the more enthusiastic and engaged they’ll be.

  • Choose accommodation wisely

If your budget allows, try to give your teenager some privacy when holidaying together. This may mean more than one tent, or separate hotel rooms.

  • Let them pack their own bags

Giving your teenager the opportunity to pack his or her own bags is a great way to teach accountability and help them feel more independent. So long as the weight restriction isn’t exceeded, understanding how to pack efficiently, and carrying around what you’ve

Tips and Destinations to go it Alone

Gone are the days when solo travel was something only singles and ambitious adventurous considered. With the number of Australians who live alone expected to exceed three million by 2031, interest in solo travel is set to rise.

When considering whether to go it solo, repeat the wise words of Woody Allen, “Travel with the one you love.” Travelling solo can provide you with some of the most empowering and unforgettable experiences of your life, whilst challenging you in new and sometimes unexpected ways.

One of the greatest advantages is that you get to make all the decisions. Where to go, what to eat for dinner and which tour to sign up for? It’s all about you! However, just because you’re solo, does not mean you’ll be lonely. Being on your own makes you more open and approachable to locals and fellow travellers.

With so much choice on offer, yet so many misconceptions still out there, our personal travel managers have put together a handy guide to help make your solo journey positively memorable.

Do your research

First and foremost, do your research on the safety and cultural aspects of different countries you

How to Saving Money While Travelling

While travelling overseas is almost always thrilling and inspiring, returning to an empty wallet is not quite as exciting.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your time away while not breaking the bank. A personal travel manager can tailor your trip specifically to your budget.

  • Book well in advance

Ensuring your flights and hotels are booked at least two months before your trip will allow you to get far cheaper rates than at the last minute. Some hotels may even offer a discount for bookings made well in advance.

  • Serviced apartment versus hotel

It may be in your hip pocket’s best interest to book into a serviced apartment versus a hotel room. This way, if you’re staying for a week or so, you can do a spot of grocery shopping and make your own meals in the kitchenette, just as you would at home. This is also a great strategy if you’re watching your waistline, as you won’t be tempted by overindulging in restaurants.

  • Find Free Entertainment

In most countries there will often be free entertainment around the city – you just need to know

Best European Destinations

Have shows like Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey inspired you to trek to the cities where their characters come to life?

Many top European destinations double as the backdrop to the world’s most-loved sitcoms and feature films. Here are our top five cities for strolling the same streets as famous TV shows and movies.

Dubrovnik, Croatia: Game of Thrones

The popular HBO series Game of Thrones is filmed in numerous European destinations including Iceland and Ireland. However the most recognisable set is located in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which serves as the location for the show’s fictional capital, King’s Landing, as well as Blackwater Bay.

Fans of the show can tour the city and learn about sites like the Lovrijenac Fortress—an 11th century castle nestled above the Adriatic Sea where many of the famous battle scenes were filmed.

Salzburg, Austria: The Sound of Music

The five-time Academy Award winning movie staring Julie Andrews, The Sound of Music, was filmed in the stunning city of Salzburg, Austria half a century ago. Its beautiful views of the Swiss Alps and rolling hilltops served as the ideal backdrop for the movie’s storyline.

Today, fans of

Spectacular Adventure Travel Destinations

  • Who wouldn’t want to live a life full of journeys and exploration? In fact, children who get the opportunity to see the world can surely be deemed fortunate. Young minds always tend to view the world in the right perspective, since their thinking is pretty much clean and not biased. If we are to educate our kids about the world, the best means would be to actually take them out there.

    Seems like a fine idea on paper, isn’t it? Especially when parents have to contend with a thousand chants of “I’m bored” and “Are we there yet?” throughout the journey. Well, this certainly is the drawback of traveling with kids. But we do urge you to browse through this list of kid-friendly adventure travel destinations―you can’t be assured of a no-complaints trip, but they will definitely be reduced to a bare minimum.

    Japan doesn’t just have to be the good ol’ Land of the Rising Sun, neither should it be limited to just another exotic eastern destinations. As a matter of fact, Japan happens to be a winner of a destination among young children and teenagers alike. Well, with their sterling anime and manga culture, and of course,

Green Travel Destinations in the World

In recent years, a rise in ecotourism has been observed the world over. These days, people look for exotic and green destinations to spend their vacations. In spite of rampant urbanization witnessed in the past few decades, there still are many places where you can spend some quality time in the green settings of nature. Green travel destinations are characterized by diversity in flora and fauna. Some of these places are declared as World Heritage Sites. They are given special status and extra protection because of their natural wealth. It also means that the tourists who travel to these protected ecosystems on earth need to show a sense of ‘Eco-consciousness’.

Green Travel Destinations Around the World
Ecotourism is promoted by most nations across the globe. The reason behind this, is that it serves the dual purpose of educating tourists about environmental conservation, and providing the local populations with some financial support through conservation activities.

Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Australia’s Daintree is the oldest continually surviving rainforest in the world. This 135-million year old spectacle is characterized by mountain peaks and forests which have a thick cover of exotic plants. Daintree offers a unique combination of high humidity, high

Holiday Budget Tips for Couples

Everyone needs a break from their regular routine. Sometimes, couples need to take a break from children, work, and other responsibilities. But, with a tight budget, many couples do away with the idea of taking a vacation. However, there are several budget vacations you can choose from, which are easily available. It is really possible to take a vacation with your loved one and yet not burn a hole in your pocket. You can now surprise, treat, and gift your better half with a vacation and thus, spend some much-needed quality time together. Take your pick!

Vacation Ideas on a Budget

Visit a National Park
Visiting a national park is a great idea. Opt for a national park where you can camp for a day or two. Explore the park together, camp under the moonlit sky, and reach the park after a road trip. Choose the park keeping in mind your interests.

Hit the Beach
There are many state parks in the country that protect beaches along both the coasts. Visit any one of these parks and have fun at the beach. Look for a park that offers more than just the beach. This way, you buy yourself a beach vacation

Best Family Vacation Spots

Family vacations are an ideal way to unwind, and they offer a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. Going on a holiday can prove to be an exciting experience for the entire family. After all, everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones and more so if it is somewhere far away on a serene island or a golden beach. This is all the more true for the kids who really look forward to these outings. However, to make sure that a vacation turns out to be truly memorable for you and your family, you need to plan everything well in advance. Needless to say, the first thing you need to decide upon is the vacation spot. Zeroing in on a holiday destination can be a tough job, given the many options available. All the same, here are some nice family vacation spots to make it easier for you to choose one.

Best Vacation Spots for Your Family
When choosing a destination for your family vacation, go for one that has something for every member of your family. For example, if you enjoy swimming and your son or daughter is into paragliding, decide on a destination

Tips Find Cheap Vacation Spots

When your budget is moderate, it’s natural for you to plan a trip to a place that is cheap and within your afford. We have provided you some holiday destinations over here that are quite inexpensive.

Sedona, Arizona

Red Rocks of Sedona
Sedona or the ‘red rock country’ has some wonderful places to view. The Oak Creek Canyon is best viewed from Forest House Resort. You will be amazed to see the wildlife sanctuaries that harbor variety of birds and animals. Since Sedona is in Arizona, you must not return without visiting Grand Canyon.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Shopping Center at Costa Rica
Costa Rica is known as the paradise of tourists. If you are passionate about adventure, then Costa Rica shall offer you excellent opportunities for hiking, river rafting, kayaking and golfing in the azure blue waters. The country side is a favorite spot for mountain bikers. The beauty of tropical reefs is incredible. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium is also a great attraction.

Aruba, Caribbean

Aruba is best enjoyed during winters. It’s an ideal destination for friends, family and couples, alike. You can enjoy desert and sea together. Isn’t that unique? The beaches of Aruba

Best Tropical Vacation Destinations

Do you always bring home vacation brochures in the hopes of selecting one of the tropical destinations mentioned in them? You have always wanted to discover what the world has to offer and the new possibilities it holds. Work pressures, family commitments, and/or the need to settle down as soon as possible can hinder the plans for a holiday. There are many beautiful destinations all around you that may have been calling you for a while now. So instead of worrying about your commitments to other things in life, think of yourself and the responsibility you have towards you. Take a look at some popular vacation spots that might just tempt you to call off any other engagement and head out for some fun. Check out these amazing beach vacations that will blow you away.

Destinations You Should Not Miss

A tropical vacation has to furnish lots of sun, best beaches, and tons of relaxation excuses. I, myself, am a beach lover, so whenever I try to plan for a vacation, I always, without a doubt pick a place where I can get to lie in the sun. It helps me avoid winter time and gives me an opportunity to

Tropical Beaches Destination

Plan Your Vacation

Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

If you want to enjoy your tropical beach vacation in the company of thousands, this is your best bet; the Hanauma Nature Reserve draws more than three thousand visitors every day. The bay itself is said to be a 36,000-year-old volcanic crater. Snorkelers and swimmers take special pleasure in the sheltered bay, and are greeted every now and then by several colorful tropical fish. Note that the bay is closed on all Tuesdays to allow fish feeding with no interruption. During summers, the Bay is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and during winters, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Bora Bora, Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia

With a land area of less than 15.6 sq mi, this enchanting tropical island can be covered entirely in just one trip. Though the island is famous for its luxurious resorts and expensive holidays, travelers can find cheaper accommodation options too. In 2013, Travel + Leisure readers, voted Bora Bora as the most romantic island in the world. A quiet, relaxed atmosphere with intimate beaches, over-the-water bungalows on motus, and the much-needed seclusion, this island happens to be the

Travel Destination in Europe

European nations are a great choice for a relaxing holiday. However, knowledge of the best vacation spots in the continent can make your holiday the most memorable one. Here’s a list of the top 10 places you should visit in Europe.

Venice in Italy is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. This city is known for its unique architecture and glorious history. It is definitely a place where art in all forms is worshiped. So, if you are an art lover, Venice would definitely be the ideal place for you.

Barcelona in Spain
Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain and has world-famous and stunning places like Barri Gotic, La Barceloneta, Port Olympic and La Rambla to its credit. You will indeed be impressed with the culture, traditions and museums in Barcelona.

Paris, the Capital of France
Paris, as we know is one of the most beautiful cities on this planet and is considered to be the most romantic cities of the world. So, this is the best spot for celebrating your honeymoon or wedding anniversary. When we talk about Paris, we cannot forget discussing the world-famous Eiffel Tower from where you

Tops to Plan a Trip to Barcelona

A visit to the Catalan city of Barcelona is a surreal experience. After all, this is the city of Gaudí, Picasso, Miro, and Dalí. The in-your-face architecture, the beautiful and balmy weather, the cool sangrias, and not to forget, those delectable churros;

Barcelona sure is one helluva city.

All of this is bound to make you think that Barcelona’s got to be on the lines of other European hubs like London, Rome, and Paris, insinuating that it’s frightfully expensive. Well, expensive it certainly isn’t; and if you find that hard to believe, it only means that what follows is meant just for you.

Planning an Affordable Trip to Barcelona

Cheap flight tickets? Sure!
Booking a cheap air ticket to a destination of your choice isn’t the rocket science it used to be. There are tens and hundreds of travel portals and travel agents that offer cheap tickets to Barcelona. All you need to do is forgo all your expectations when you book tickets like these. You may be placed next to the toilet, you may have to bear a 10-hour layover in Reykjavik (or maybe Nuuk!), and you may reach Barcelona in the dead of the night. Or not. All

Top Beautiful Beach in The World

Cuban beaches of Key Coco and Varadero ranked among the 25 most beautiful resorts in the world, according to the digital site Both tourist areas were awarded with the Traveler’s Choice Beach Destinations, promoted by the web site, which takes into account the preference of the cybernauts, by their voting.

Varadero ranked 10 worldwide and fifth in the Caribbean. The most famous resort of the largest island of the Antilles has over 20 kilometers of excellent beaches of fine sand. The spa is located in the western Cuban province of Matanzas, on a peninsula at 140 km east of Havana.

Varadero combines the attractions of nature with the comforts of modern life. There stands one of the largest hotel and extra hotel complexes of the Caribbean island. There are facilities for nautical activities, events and incentive trips, a golf course with 18 holes and three international marinas.

While your holidays to Cuba, a wide range of tours and local excursions will allow you to visit places like the Park Josone, the Montemar Natural Park, and the Valley of Yumuri, among so many others of extreme beauty.

The spas of the tourist

Romantic Places in Asia

If you and your partner are planning a holiday together around Asia. Asia is a land of inspiration and romance. This often makes it a honeymoon location or place of a wedding. Here are six sites with a romantic view:

Jeju Island, South Korea

With a view charming, this island is the most popular tourist destinations.
Jeju or Cheju is an island located at the tip of the Korean Peninsula and close to Japan.
Because the atmosphere is romantic, Jeju Island is also a honeymoon destination of the new couples. Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, parks, cliffs, and beautiful stones wrapped in warm weather make this place worth a visit with the couple. Coupled with a traditional Korean atmosphere which is still felt, the island became a favorite tourist attraction.

Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley, an ancient little fishing village. Hong Kong’s city center was filled with the hustle and bustle, and this of course does not really bring happiness to you and your romantic partner.

You can explore some walking trails in the area around Stanley. Stanley also has some excellent restaurants, this could be a pleasant culinary tour with a partner.

Halong Bay,